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We use the power of experiences to ensure customer and employee rewards are truly memorable and motivational. Imagine the thrill of racing a formula car or the talk at the office after someone has been rewarded with the chance to fly a 737 in the multimillion dollar flight simulator.

Research has shown that by rewarding customers & employees with experiences, they will remember the company positively for longer. Their thoughts of the company are attached to their enjoyment of the activity.

We deliver dazzling reward and recognition programs tailored to your needs ranging from gift certificates, to customized voucher programs, to engagement programs where employees or customers work towards aspirational experiences.

Memory vs. Money - We're in the business of providing enjoyment opportunities for employees and customers, generating the smiles and goodwill conversations that cash can't achieve. So memory wins in our book!

Redbox Rewards Team - With years of experience we make it our business to understand your company and your objectives. We’ll deliver something extraordinary for your company, your employees, or brand.

The Wow Factor - Whether it is employee retention, team building, customer relationships or brand development, we will add the 'wow' factor to ensure everyone gets excited.

Ready to get started? please contact us at:enquiries@redboxgifts.com.sg or +65 3158 8542 for an obligation free chat.  


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