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What better way to show your appreciation of staff, clients and suppliers than to treat them to an experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives? Who could forget the thrill of skydiving at Ifly or driving a Ferrari or an indulgent massage. 

At Redbox Gifts, we offer a dazzling selection of "experience-based" gifts, all of which make first-rate tributes for the people who do business with you.

  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Incentives & Promotions
  • Corporate Gifts & Prizes

Take a look at our website to see which experience would make the finest match for the key elements of your corporate world. So will it be...

  • A helicopter ride over Singapore?
  • A lunch-hour golf lesson?
  • A sunset cruise?
  • A morning with a fashion stylist?
  • Or something else entirely?

The options really are limitless!

And if you're not sure which experience your people would like best, you can always give them a Redbox Gift Certificate and let them choose for themselves...

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