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We use the power of experiences to ensure customer rewards are truly memorable and motivational. Imagine the thrill of racing a formula car or the talk at the office after someone has been rewarded with the chance to fly a 737 in the multimillion dollar flight simulator.

Research has shown that people remember experiences for much longer than things, so we use experiences to design impactful, memorable, customer reward and incentive programs. By using experiences as the cornerstone of our programs, you can ensure you reward your customers in a way that is meaningful for them. With our range of dazzling experiences you can reward your customers in a way that lets them fulfil their dreams.

Our Customer Rewards & Incentives programs can be used for a wide variety of things; to reward customer loyalty, to encourage brand loyalty, to increase share of wallet, but whatever it is used for, the aim is to ensure customers feel rewarded and engaged with your business in a postive way.

Programs can involve:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Experience Certificates, or
  • Customised points program where people accumulate points that can be redeemed for experiences of their choice.

Whatever program you chose, our experienced team works with you to integrate this into your business to achieve maximum impact.

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