Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons
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Experience Location: Singapore
  • Valid for 12 months
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Glide through the water like a bottlenose dolphin with our Improve Your Swimming package. With this set of five personalised, 60-minute swimming lessons, you'll see dramatic results fast, whether your dream is to swim competitively, improve your performance in your next triathlon, or simply learn the very basics of swimming.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, child or adult, there's always room for improvement in the pool. Our specialist swim coaches will pay close attention to your technique, power and speed, tailoring each lesson to your specific needs and weaknesses. Drawing on years of valuable international experience, your coach will guide you through the process of perfecting your strokes, increasing your stamina and improving your confidence and agility in the water.

Guidelines: This experience is suitable for people who want to improve their swimming.

Venue: Centrally located in Singapore. Lessons can be conducted in the pool of your choice.

Session Length: The experience involves 5 personalised sessions of 1 hour each. The sessions may be taken over a ten week period, but it is recommneded to do at least one session per week to get full benefits of the training.

Booking: Please book in advance for first session.

Numbers: This is a personalized experience.

Spectators: Spectators are welcome.

Weather: This experience is impacted by the weather. In case of bad weather, please contact the coach.

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