Play Tennis Like a Pro

Play Tennis Like a Pro
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Hit the ball like a champion with our amazing tennis improvement package. With this set of five 60-minute one-on-one lessons, you'll notice dramatic results in no time at all Our master coaches are famous for their on-court patience and expertise... They'll get the top spin back on your courtside confidence faster than you can grunt "Serena Williams".

After a light stretch and warm-up, your pro will assess your techniques in forehand, backhand, volley, serve, overheads and smashes. This will yield the information he needs to help you tweak your strokes for maximum biomechanical efficiency. You'll then be led through a series of inventive drills designed to introduce (and cement) "best practice". You'll also be taught the correct grips, swing patterns and spins to ensure the most efficient and effective learning experience.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these lessons will have you on court hitting winners, guaranteed.

Guidelines: This experience is suitable for people who want to improve their tennis.

Venue: Centrally located in Singapore.

Session Length: The experience involves 5 personalised, one hour tennis lesons. The sessions may be taken over a ten week period, but it is recommended to do at least one session per week to get full benefits of the training.

Booking: Please book in advance for first session.

Numbers: This is a personalised session.

Spectators: Spectators welcome.

Weather: This experience is impacted by the weather. In the event of rain, please contact the coach.

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