Ultimate Fitness Training at Speed Institute

Ultimate Fitness Training at Speed Institute
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Whether you want to run a marathon, blitz a triathlon or be functionally fit for everyday life, our ultimate athletics programme will propel you towards your goal, safely and efficiently. This package of 16, one-hour specialist training sessions is proven to increase fitness dramatically and with a speed that many find surprising.

These interval training sessions are perfect to increase your fitness and times, whatever your goal. Each hour-long session is challenging, and designed to get you into great physical shape while increasing overall functionality. The programme integrates balance, agility, full- body and strength work along with aerobic and anerobic conditioning. Our experienced coaches will push you to your limit each session, increasing your heartrate and your lactic acid threshold, and ultimately improving your performance in your chosen sport.

Whether you want to finish your next race faster or simply to feel stronger and fitter, this series of training sessions will help you reach your athletic goal fast.

Guidelines: This experience is suitable for people who want to improve their fitness. This is a high intensity physical activity. A reasonable level of fitness is recommended before starting. If you do not participate in regular physical activity, or have any illness, medical advice is recommended prior to participating.

Venue: Centrally located in Singapore.

Session Length: The experience involves 16 sessions of 1 hour each. The sessions may be taken over a ten week period, but it is recommended to attend at least one session per week to get full benefits of the training.

Booking: Please book in advance for first session.

Numbers: This is a group.

Spectators: Not suitable for spectators.

Weather: This experience generally takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

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