Personalised Training Program at Speed Institute

Personalised Training Program at Speed Institute
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Whether your aim is to run the marathon, blitz a triathlon, or just enjoy greater fitness and perhaps weight loss, this personalised health and fitness programme will get you there. Taking a whole-person approach, our expert trainers will create a programme customised to your lifestyle and needs.

This programme starts with a complete health diagnositic, giving you detailed insight into your individual areas of strength and weakeness. From this, your personal trainer will draw up a list of areas needing work. A complete programme will be designed, focusing on fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress and digestive health. The aim of this programme is clear: optimal health and peak fitness.

This programme involves a complete health and fitness analysis, five one-hour personal training sessions, and a personalised health and fitness report.

Guidelines: This experience is suitable for people who want to improve their fitness. This experience involves high-intensity physical activity. A reasonable level of fitness is recommended before starting. If you do not participate in regular physical activity, or have any illness, medical advice is recommended prior to participating.

Venue: Centrally located in Singapore.

Session Length: The experience involves personalised health and fitness assessment and 5 personal training session.

Booking: Please book in advance for first session.

Numbers: This is personalised experience.

Spectators: Not suitable for spectators.

Weather: This experience generally takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

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