Personal Stylist Style and Wardrobe Makeover

Personal Stylist Style and Wardrobe Makeover
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Experience Location: Your home or an agreed venue
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Why every women would love a Stylist Experience? It’s very simple our stylist works with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look. No matter what your shopping budget or lifestyle needs. 

After consulting with our expert, your wardrobe will morph from a source of frustration to a reason for daily celebration. You'll know exactly what styles and colours suit you best, making every trip go the shops a joyful and highly efficient enterprise, and reducing your mistake ratio to almost zero. Our consultant will give you the tools to create a capsule wardrobe of gorgeous, easy-to-wear coordinates-and with minimal effort and expense, you'll be able to adapt many of the items you already own to fit your new look. 

How can a fashion stylist/personal shopper simplify my wardrobe?

By helping you eliminate the things that don’t work for you and guide you in making new choices that suit your style, body shape, budget, lifestyle, and personality.

Where does the experience take place?

The experience takes place in the comfort of your own home.

During a wardrobe consultation, do I have to get rid of a lot of things?

The role as fashion stylists is to guide you in making decisions about your existing wardrobe. You make the final decision about what to get rid of, store away, give to a friend or relative, have altered, or keep.

How organised do I need to be in advance of a wardrobe consultation?

That’s completely up to you. Some clients lay things out that they are particularly interested in looking at and others just open their closet doors and we start at the very beginning! 

The session combines the benefits of both bodyline analysis and wardrobe review

  • Analysis of style personality, body shape and body proportions
  • Advice on styles and suitable design elements
  • Advice on mixing and matching clothing items to accessories
  • Review of current wardrobe
  • Personal style guide to be used during the session and for client to keep
  • Follow-up support to help you build an effective wardrobe and personal style

About our stylist:

As Singapore’s first image consultant with the personal brand strategist certification, Maninder integrates her passion for creativity and sense of individuality in her offering to her clients. Having worked on branding projects with leading advertising agencies like J Walter Thomson, Leo Burnett and celebrities like Norah Jones, Gordon Ramsay and Oliver Stone, Maninder realises the importance of effective communication through visual appearances in building powerful brands- both personal and corporate.

Maninder’s clients describe her training sessions as ‘impactful and well-researched to present interesting and result oriented perspectives and ideas’. She has worked with organisations like Sephora, Accenture, Johnson and Johnson, IBM, Dell, Silk air, Singapore airlines and many more. She has been interviewed on several occasions for newspaper articles in The Straits Times, TV programs and Radio to share her expertise on personal branding.

Guidelines: This experience is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their image.

Venue: This experience takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Session Length: The session takes approximately 2 hours & 30 mins.

Booking: Please book at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Numbers: This is a personalized one-on-one session.

Spectators: Spectators are welcome.

Weather: This experience takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

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