Aramsa Signature Garden Package - 2 People - 150 mins - Weekday Only Special Price - 5 Different Treatments - New Nov 2017

Aramsa Signature Garden Package - 2 People - 150 mins - Weekday Only Special Price - 5 Different Treatments - New Nov 2017
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Experience Location: Bishan, Singapore
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Sweep her off her feet by Induging him/her in an unforgettable day of romantic tropical oasis in award-winning Aramsa spa. Each 150mins package is selected to instil positive energy and sooth your stress away.

  • This luxurious spa boasts 17 uniquely designed treatment rooms, each presenting an eclectic mix of contemporary design and seamless spaces in harmony with the garden ambience that brings the outside in.
  • Choose from 5 fabulous treatements : Aramsa Recharge I Exotic Coconut Treat I Down to Earth I Tropical Java Lulur I Botanical Energy the details of which are outlined below.
  • This experience is available at a special price with these requirements :
  1. Promotion is valid for redemption from Mondays-Thursdays, except eve of PH and PH
  2. Last appointment booking is 3:30pm and treatment should finish by 6pm
  3. Offer not applicable in conjunction with other promotions and discounts
  4. Reservation is subjected to availability

Special for Redbox Gifts customers : This is a special rate for bookings made thru Redbox Gifts online portal and with every Aramsa Spa experience sold, the lucky recipient, will get free access to the steam room and / or sauna on the day of the Aramsa massage.

Package Details : 

ARAMSA RECHARGE : Best of both worlds – a facial and a body massage

  1. Aramsa Recharge promotes healthier skin and strengthens muscle fibers and tissues, from top to toe. This all-rounder garden package begins with a pure botanical oil-prep and lavender floral exfoliation, shedding dead skin cells and cleansing the skin pores at the same time.
  2. An invigorating and intensive Inner Respite massage follows to specifically target stubborn muscle tensions and blockages found in the deeper layers of muscle tissues; and to stimulate and enhance rapid blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body.
  3. A well-invested session of Facial is performed by professional beautician to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, nourish and protect your facial skin against dehydration, free radicals and aging!
Lavender Floral Exfoliation

Inner Respite Massage

Elemis Superfood Facial

B)     EXOTIC COCONUT TREAT : Great for dry & matured skin type

This treat starts with a full body rub with warmed coconut oil infused with flowers and spices. While your body is being wrapped in the warm coconut oil, your scalp is treated to a gentle relaxing massage.

An invigorating sea salt scrub follows on and the whole experience ends with the tropical Huna Huna Massage – an ancient Hawaiian massage technique.

A treatment that is pampering, tropical and simply irresistible!

Warm Coconut Oil Rub

Tropical Coconut Wrap

Lavender Floral Exfoliation

Huna Huna Massage

DOWN TO EARTH : Great for energy boost

  1. Down To Earth emphasizes the usage of pure raw botanical herbs and spices to purify the over-actives and then heal and nourish the under-actives, creating a balance throughout the entire network system in the body. This garden package starts with a full body exfoliation using a concoction of pure botanical oil, raw herbs and salt.
  2. A purifying and relaxing Green Clay Herbal Wrap follows, which unclogs the skin, purifies the body from outside-in and heals any overactive oil glands that stresses the skin.
  3. An invigorating Inner Respite Massage is performed
Raw Herb Exfoliation

Green Clay Herbal Wrap

Bamboo Retreat Massage

D)     TROPICAL JAVA LULUR : Great for energy boost

For brides to be & overall top-to-toe pampering

Originated in the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia, the luxurious ritual called Lulur is prepared for the bride-to-be. Lulur, which literally means coating the skin is practiced to beautify and soften one’s skin.

At Aramsa ~ The Garden Spa, we begin this treatment with a full body exfoliation using a special blend of turmeric and rice powder, which scrubs and removes the dead layers of skin, revealing the soft, supple skin below. A full body yoghurt wrap then follows, nourishing and brightening the skin further.

Next, using an infused blend of therapeutic oils, the therapist will perform Aramsa Touch massage – which is a modern mixture of eastern meridian techniques and classical western lymphatic drainage to improve blood circulation and muscle tone. With firm yet deep strokes, this therapy promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Last but not least, the customer will enjoy a warm outdoor flower bath, infused with ginger and lemongrass juices, and laced with petals of rose, jasmine, frangipani and other seasonal aromatic blossoms. This pampering finale concludes the whole treatment, leaving one ultimately relaxed and satisfied.

Tumeric & Rice Exfoliation

Nourishing Yogurt Wrap

Aramsa Touch Massage

Outdoor Garden Bath

E)     BOTANICAL ENERGY : Relaxation, focusing on all the acupressure points

  1. This garden package starts with an oil prep followed by a full body exfoliation using pure botanical oil and orchid salt.
  2. Next relax and refocus with a Shiatsu Massage; a finger pressure massage applied to the meridian points to stimulate the body’s ‘ki’.
  3. And lastly soak in a therapeutic herbal infused bath to calm and rejuvenate yourself.

Oil Prep

Orchid Salt Exfoliation

Shiatsu Focus Massage

Herbal Fusion Theraphy





Guidelines: This experience is suitable for anyone who enjoys massage and wants to relax and rejuvenate, enjoy or celebrate a special occasion with a friend or partner.

Venue: Aramsa Spa, Singapore.

Session Length: The session takes approximately 150 minutes.

Booking: Please aim to book a week in advance to secure your preferred time slot. 

Special Offers: See conditions for this special offer.

Numbers: This is a personalised session for 2 people.

Spectators: Not suitable for spectators.

Weather: This experience takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

Other information: Please arrive at least 15 mins prior to your treatment. Please call ahead if you are running late.


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