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Where gifts are concerned, boys are pretty easy creatures to please. They love plastic. They love electronics. And they love exhilarating experiences. But only gifts from one category have the power to delight boys at the moment of receiving and strengthen them for life.

So which is the winning category? That's right-exhilarating experiences!

With our collection of gifts for boys and teens, we're offering you the chance to nudge the young man in your life out of his comfort zone into a world of novelty and adventure. Our experiences range from the adrenaline pumping to the cultural, from the sporting to the relaxing.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee your gifts will create a lifetime of happy memories.

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Ria Bintan Golf 18 Holes Weekend
Idyllic and challenging, spacious and beautiful. Ria Bintan is the best golf course we have found close to Singapore. Why not ensure your weekend is special by heading off on Saturday for 18 holes...
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Code: RIA003
Harley Joy Ride - 60 Minutes
Put a friend in touch with their inner Hell's Angel with a cruise through the streets of Singapore on a classic Harley.Heavyweight, edgy and set apart from other motocycles by its elegant design...
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Code: BLR002
Learn the Drums - 5 Lessons
Learning to play the drums is fun, cool, and very impressive. It is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and it is easy to understand why, once you have had the experience of drumming...
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Code: PAB001
Parkour Experience for 1
If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon. Parkour (also known as freerunning) is a method of training the body, soul & spirit. Using no equipment other than yourself and your environment,...
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Code: A2002
Climb a Volcano 3 days / 2 nights Mt Rinjani Lombok - 1 pax - Great New Pricing from Oct 2017
If you step out of your comfort zone just once in your life, let it be to climb the most spectacular volcano in Asia. We say you can do no better than join our three-day trek to the summit of...
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Code: HAR002
Ria Bintan Golf 18 Holes Weekday
Idyllic and challenging-two descriptions often leveled at Ria Bintan, the world-class golf course nestled along the Bintan coastlike. Only one hour from Singapore, and arguable the most beautiful...
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Code: RIA001
Golf Round For 4 And Cart Hire (Weekdays)
Take the time to enjoy golf mid-week! Enjoy 9 holes of golf with friends (total 4 persons) inclusive of a cart / buggy hire and a $50 food & beverage voucher.This 9-hole course is located in the...
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Code: Champ002
Tennis Lessons
Find your sweet spot on the tennis court with our Back to Basics tennis package. This set of five, one-and-a-half-hour group lessons for ladies promises to...Introduce you to all essential tennis...
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Code: TOD001
3D Printing - The future is here - Beginners Class - New Apr 2017
Want to get hands on with 3D Printers but have no experience? Then this 4-hour class is for you.The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barriers in design and...
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Code: 3DP001
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