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A great photo tells a story that endures the test of time.

We offer both photography courses (to sharpen your camera skills) and photoshoots (to capture a moment in your life forever). For both experiences, we employ the ultimate experts in their fields.

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4 Day Digital Photography Fundamentals
We know you love your DSLR camera-but are you secretly scared of it too? Perhaps you're part of that ambitious set of people who lug around a heavy camera but never turn it off Automatic. If so,...
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Code: BAO003
Photography Walking Tour (150mins) - New October 2017
Explore Singapore with your camera on a fun 150-minute guided Photography Walking Tour with award-winning photographer Karen Lucas.Get great tips on how to approach each scene to capture the best...
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Code: BAO006
Professional Headshot at Karen Lucas Photography
One of the first things that potential employers or clients notice when they check out your CV, Facebook or LinkedIn page is your profile photo. Your photo is about branding you and the business...
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Code: BAA009
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